We are a Greek, family-run company providing outdoor activities and specializing in organizing self-guided hiking tours. Our head office is in Athens and we pride in offering friendly, tailor-made, quality services to destinations of great beauty as well as cultural interest in central Greece, the Peloponnese, and the Aegean Sea.

 Our story:

It all started back in 2015 when, having a conversation about hiking, we wondered why Greece is not among hikers' first choices, although one can visit places of exceptional beauty. We felt great regret that our beloved hiking was not widespread in our country and even greater disappointment that hiking lovers abroad did not have the chance to live all those exciting trekking experiences the Greek trails have to offer. So, without a second thought, we set our mind on changing all that. We decided to create trailducks with the aim of promoting hiking as a hobby, recreation and exercise in Greece and introduce the beautiful walking trails of our country to friends of hiking abroad. Thus, today, having assembled a powerful team of people who love hiking, we have realized our vision. Through trailducks we promote hiking, share our experiences from our favorite walking tours and on top of all we offer high quality self-guided holidays to unique destinations over our country.

 Who We Are:

Passion for hiking- Professionalism- Attention to detail. This is what characterizes our staff members.

  We are a team with passion for what we do, so we constantly invest our best in it. We work lovingly and diligently and pay attention to even the slightest detail because we believe that details do make the difference! We organize self-guided hiking vacations because we cherish the freedom this kind of holiday has to offer. Self-guided, however, does not mean impersonal. Our philosophy is to provide friendly and personal quality services. So, allow us to introduce ourselves:


Theodore Karahalios -Co-founder and operations.

Theodore has conceived and co-founded trailducks. Along with the front line of the company, he designs and personally walks all the paths with the sole aim of perfecting each route. He has a degree in Physiotherapy and a postgraduate degree in Sports Physiotherapy and he has dedicated the greatest part of his life to his favorite pastime, trekking. He ideally combines his vast experience of Greek mountain trails with his love for mountaineering and rock climbing, constantly enhancing his abilities in the field of climbing. He owns a climbing leader certification and enjoys every moment he spends on the mountains thus providing trailducks with paths of rare beauty.

Something most people don’t know about him: He has travelled in over 50 countries. His Greatest Achievement: Trekking at Annapurna region-Nepal His Dream: Trekking at Pacific Crest Trail


Christopher Tzemos - Co-founder & New destinations Specialist

Christopher is a versatile tool for the company. Raised at the foot of Mt.Himmitos, he has the mountain in his heart. He tirelessly climbs up and down the Greek mountains blazing new walking trails. A follower of the Alpine style of climbing, he adores wandering in unknown paths without a map. Always a dreamer stumbling on reality, in his free time he likes to walk among the trails of the earth and the sky, between the mountain peaks and the Big Bear, heading for the unknown.

Something most people don’t know about him: He is an amateur astronomer.

His Greatest Achievement: Everest trekking.

His Dream: Stepping on the Kilimanjaro peak.


Vassilis Tzemos - Finance Associate Partner

Vassilis is the link between the company’s back-office and frontline. He has a degree in Management and Economics so he has undertaken the key sector of Finance. His obsession with detail and his persistence in planning and organization make him ideal for this post. He invariably attends to even the slightest detail to make sure everything works like a clock and is always prepared to give all it takes to work so as to ensure that the front line has the stability they need to carry out their tasks. He shares his free time between his two loves: his family and hiking.

Something most people don’t know about him: In his free time, he enjoys hiking with his two sons.

His Greatest Achievement: Olympus peak trekking

His Dream: Hike in Antarctica.


Anestis Prousanidis - Legal Advisor Partner

Anestis started collaborating with us as an independent legal advisor. But his passion for outdoor activities and his love for trekking soon brought us together and now we feel him as a permanent team member. He is an asset to the company when it comes to discovering new paths. Using his extensive experience in hiking tours and having trekked in over 15 countries on two continents, he keeps discovering new destinations and suggesting innovative, fascinating routes.


Lena Georga - Associate Partner

Lena is a teacher of Physical Education with Specialization in Snowboarding & Sport Management (Marketing Management). She is holding the title of Master Instructor of Spinning® Static Cycling. 

Furthermore, Lena is the President and Founding Member of  the Greek Nature & Hiking club "BackpackOnGreece"


Vangelis Georgopapadakis - Associate partner

Vagelis is a graduate of the Mountaineering & Climbing Schools of the Hellenic Mountaineering & Climbing Federation.

His mountaineering experience counts more than 20 years with numerous climbs in the Greek mountains.

Furthermore, Vagelis is the Vice President and  founding Member of the Nature & Hiking Greek Club "BackpackOnGreece"

  Why trailducks

Trailducks 1 Being Greek is our advantage. We were born, raised and we live in the very country we   organize our walking holidays. This allows us to know, first hand, the hidden secrets of each   place, the people's habits and even the difficulties the traveler may encounter. Our being born   and permanently living in Greece is the best guarantee for you.

  In trailducks we like being flexible but we are strict about certain issues:

  We do not compromise when it comes to safety.

Your safety is and will remain our primary concern. We place great emphasis on anticipating, analyzing and dealing with any race the traveler might face.

   In trailducks we like to lead the way relying on our strong points. We stand out because:

    -  Knowledge is power: Not only does the trailducks team consist of people with vast hiking experience, but also most of them are natives of the trip destinations. This gives us the immediate advantage of knowing in detail all about the place and way of life. Thorough knowledge, experience, and quality of services make the difference.

   -  We are full of love and passion for what we do. Apart from our undoubted professionalism, it is care and diligence that give special results. We give our best every day to provide excellent services to those who opt for us.

  What we offer

Trailducks 1Our mission is to offer a quality self-guided holiday to unique domestic destinations. We stand out for offering:

- Full transfer services

All road transfers related to your walking holidays are included in our packs. Apart from transferring your luggage from one hotel to the next, we are also cover your personal transport to and from Athens. So, from the very beginning, not only are you carefree but, most important, you have an ideal schedule so that no time or extra money is wasted.

- Quality lodgings

In our packs we provide high-quality accommodation in convenient locations. We take lodgings that can add value to your traveling experience and provide all you need to enjoy your holidays. When choosing accommodation we take the following into consideration:

  • High quality services: We make sure the accommodation providers over high quality, friendly services to the guest.
  • Location: We select lodgings which are close to the trails but also near places to eat, stroll or go sightseeing.
  • Pleasant and relaxing atmosphere: After a day's hiking, it is of great importance to offer a good rest. So peace, quiet and a relaxing atmosphere are the main criteria of choice.

- Constant support:

Self-guided does not mean being alone on any part of the trip. On the contrary, our back up starts long before your trip. We support you from the very beginning for anything that might concern you, from Logistics to practical advice, so that your trip is comfortable and perfect. Naturally, during your walking holidays, we are with you 24/7 offering constant, easily accessible phone support.

- Unique hiking trips

High quality services alone would not be enough if we could not offer unique hiking routes. We have chosen the trails very carefully and we are really proud of the final result. The traveler will find himself in a pleasant dilemma of choosing between hiking trails of different styles. He can enjoy hiking in a place of cultural interest or a destination of outstanding natural beauty. He might prefer trekking on a mainland mountain or a mountain overlooking the sea or even something completely different like hiking on a traditional Greek island.

  • Address: Fragogianni 45, Papagou 15669 Athens, Greece
  • Email: info@trailducks.gr
  • Tel: +302130234731
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