The hiker who will choose this trip will take a journey back in time as he will set foot on the ancient paths and will get to the archeological site of Delphi, where he can visit the most famous oracle in Ancient Greece.

Visitors will definitely be impressed by the alternations of scenes before their eyes as this trail starts from the sea, crosses olive groves, goes up on the slope of Parnassos Mountain offering a unique panoramic view towards the Corinthian Gulf.

As the journey continues, and before it ends in the beautiful mountain villages of Parnassos, the hiker will cross forests in the National Park, will be surrounded by tall fir trees and will always have in front of him the impressive peaks of the Parnassos Mountain.

Before this trip ends the visitor will have walked part of the international path E4 which will take him to the Corycian Cave.

The Parnassos Mountain lies in the middle of continental Greece and is considered by many as the most beautiful mountain in the country. Only 2,5 hours away from Athens, it will definitely be a reward for the traveler who will choose to dare and explore its hiking trails.

Tour Facts

Total Distance: 70,8km: 76km

Duration:6 nights, 5 days walking

Minimum Daily Distance: 10km

Maximum Daily Distance: 19,7km

Code: PRT04 Grade: Challenging

Season: April to October

Start of holiday: Itea

End of Holiday: Delphi

Distance from Athens: 198km Approx. 2h 30min


Days Walking & Trekking

70.8 km

Total Distance


Average Daily Walking


  • Exploring the ancient site of Delphi
  • Walking in ancient paths
  • Visit the Corycian Cave
  • Delicious traditional cuisine with local dishes

Parnassus Trail

Trip Code: PRT04


5 Days Hiking

Walking & Trekking

April to October




7 Days from



Transfer from Athens to Itea by private Car. Approximately 2 hours 30min



Length: 10,07 km

Ascent:  575 m

Descent:  18,3 m

Flat walking:  4,8 km

Ascent length: 5,03 km

Descent length: 0,19km

Duration (approximately): 3 hours 40min

Difficulty 2/5

We begin to walk on the ancient path of Kirra – Delphi. The small town of Kirra, close to the town of Itea, used to be a harbor for the pilgrims who wanted to get to the Oracle of Delphi by boat.

Crossing the town, we get into the big olive grove and walk among centuries-old olive trees. As we go, we will come across the Chapel of Saint George and to the beautiful village of Chrisso.

The scenery behind us becomes magical as we see the olive groves. Soon we get to the Chapel of Saint Charalambos and to the Channel of Mornos. The historical town of Delphi is just above us and we approach it by means of a stone covered path.



Length: 13,56 km

Ascent:  734,4 m

Descent:  205,7 m

Flat walking:  5,28 km

Ascent length: 5,44 km

Descent length: 2,84 km

Duration (approximately): 4hours 25 min

Difficulty 3/5

Today we will be walking on the ancient paths that connected Delphi with the Cave of Pan. The trail starts in the center of Delphi and goes up crossing the ancient stadium. The ancient path takes us to the beautiful plateau Kroki.

The sights, as we ascend, are breathtaking.

Getting to the Chapel of Saint Paraskevi we enter the National Park of Parnassos and after walking among the fir trees we find ourselves in front of the beautiful Chapel of Paleopanagias.

After that, we go on to Korikion Andro the home of the half-goat God Pan.Once we have enjoyed the view, we can descend towards Livadi Arachova.



Length: 19,7km

Ascent:  575m

Descent:  18m

Flat walking:  4,8km

Ascent length: 5 km

Descent length: 0,19km

Duration (approximately): 8hours 15min

Difficulty 4/5

The trip starts at Livadi, Arachova and after having climbed up to an altitude of 600 meters we get to the refuge M.Defner. From there, it is a downward hike to the village Eptalofos.

We are among the two big ski centers of Parnassos, the Gerondovrachos and the Kelaria. As we go, we reach a beautiful meadow and then get through a fir tree forest before we reach the Ano Polydroso. We finish by getting to the old path that takes us to the village Polydroso.



Length: 10,78 km

Ascent:  682,7 m

Descent:  246,3m

Flat walking:  2.55 km

Ascent length: 5,15 km

Descent length: 3,09 km

Duration (approximately): 3 hours 45 min

Difficulty 3/5

Starting from the village Eptalofos we come across the springs of Biotikos Kifissos. It is surely worth stopping to admire the beautiful surroundings and the ruins of the Byzantine church. Our trip continues and we can enjoy the view of the field and of the ridge of the mountain covered with fir trees.

Following the path that takes us to the heart of the fir tree forest, we get to the picturesque village of Agoriani with its beautiful square, which is the best place to try local delicatessen.



Length: 19,20 km

Ascent:  657,7 m

Descent: 789,5 m

Flat walking:  5,9 km

Ascent length: 5,9 km

Descent length: 7,2 km

Duration (approximately): 7 hours 10 min

Difficulty 4/5

The last segment of our trail is probably the most popular path of Parnassos and part of the well-known European trail E4. Beginning from Agorianni we cross the thick fir tree forest and get to Kalania.

Continuing with our trip through the National Park we get to Kroki. We follow the path along the ravine and get to the “stairs” of the ancient path that we climbed at the beginning of our trip.

Once again, the view is amazing. As we continue going down, we get to the “finish line” the village of Delphi and the central square with the Church of Saint Nikolaos.


After a hearty breakfast, we enjoy our free morning exploring the picturesque village of Delphi. Afterward, we return to Athens by private Car. Approximately 2 hours 30min.

Please note that the length of the trip does not include the distance from the path to your overnight accommodation.

About Route

Parnassus 03 Itinerary

This trail starts from the small town if Itea, by the sea, and after a 75 km hike it ends in the village of Delphi.

The trail is described as moderate, with an average daily mileage of 12 kms with insufficient signs and marks, and segments that challenge the hiker because there is not enough path maintenance. Most part of this trail is made up of forest paths with the kind of terrain that is not difficult.


Time of Year

The Parnassos with a height of 2475 m is one of the highest mountains in Greece. During winter it is covered by snow and temperature is very low. The hikers who choose to do this trail at the beginning of March must be properly prepared because there is a chance they may come across a thick layer of snow.

Best time for hiking is from April to June because weather is temperate and pleasant, but during these months the choices for accommodation and meals are fewer because the Parnassos, due to its ski center, is more a winter destination.

In August temperatures during the day may easily reach 30oC and more, so our recommendation is that during this period the hiking to start early in the morning.

Days Walking & Trekking

70.8 km
Total Distance

Average Daily Walking



The package you will get from us includes maps of the region and tour details that will help you find your way. Please note that there are segments where the paths are not well maintained and spots where the hiking signs are missing, so it is safe to carry with you the notes and the material that we will give you.

Parnassus 01 Distance


Experience & Fitness

This trip suits hikers with a good physical condition. It has been characterized as moderate due to elevation ups and downs and because it demands being familiar with reading maps and instructions.

This trail will be a real delight for the hikers who are familiar with paths with uneven footing and who know how to read maps and follow trip notes. Of course the trip package that hikers will get will have a GPX doc included, with GPS track for directions during the trip for those who do not feel comfortable with using maps or notes, or for anybody who is in need.

Travel Insurance

Insurance does not included in the price. We strongly advise you to purchase one which covers you for the activity, emergency evacuation and hospital care.


For this trip you don’t need to have some special hiking equipment with you. All you have to do is take the basic stuff that you will find listed in the information pack that will be sent to you.

Parnassus 02 Grade



Breakfast is included. For lunch you can either make something easy with the things you can buy at the local markets and just take it with you or maybe stop in a taverna en route. For dinner you can eat at local tavernas in the villages where you will be staying, or even enjoy a traditional dinner at the place of your accomodation. During this journey you will have the chance to try local specialities such as traditional soups and dishes with the tasty local meat. For meat lovers we suggest trying traditional dishes with pork like kondosuvli and exohiko or lamb on a spit.


How far in advance do I need to book?

Since some destinations are quite popular during high season finding an accomodation may be a bit difficult so we would advise you to do the booking as soon as you know your holiday plans.

What happens if I can’t walk a stage?

If you want to skip a part of the trail you can call a local taxi and go straight to the next spot where you have arranged for your accomodation.The staff at the hotel can help you with that.

04 Parnasuss

The guest houses and hotels in this itinerary are generally traditional small, and family-run, 3* or 4* properties. Any accommodation has been carefully selected because of their location, atmosphere and or exceptional service. All hotels and guesthouses are comfortable and fully equipped with heating, en-suite bathroom/shower, air-conditioning, telephone, and television.

Here are some of our choices so you will get a first general idea of what you can expect:

  • Shelter Chalet
  • Parnassos Delphi Hotel
  • Asimina Guest House

After your booking you will be sent a detailed list with all the accommodations of the trip.

In case an accommodation we have chosen for you is fully booked, we will find a similar or better alternative.

Extra overnight:
You can book additional night(s) at any of the accommodations along the way. If you wish we can also book for you before and/or after the trip a hotel in Athens.

Single Rooms & Solo Walkers

Prices per person are for the double room. If you wish single rooms we would be happy to accommodate you although there is a single room supplement payable.

Solo walkers are also welcome for an additional charge.

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Select Your Trip

PRT04 Parnassus Trail

(6 nights, 5 days walking)

750€ per person

Parnassus 03 Itinerary




  • 7 days/ 6 nights in 3* & 4* hotels and guest houses en-suite bath
  • Breakfast
  • Transfer from Athens  to Itea (day 1) and from Delphi (Day 7) to Athens
  • All your luggage transfers
  • 24/7 Phone number support
  • Trip package, Detailed information pack (route notes, maps gpx GPS-tracks notes in English
  • Original Map of the region

Parnassus 03 Itinerary



  • Meals not mentioned above
  • Admission fee for ancient area of Delphi
  • Trip Insurance (strongly advised to buy one)
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