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General country info:

Greece, located in the Southeast end of Europe, has a population of about 11 million and is a member of the European Union. In its capital, Athens, is the largest airport, El. Venizelos, which serves the biggest bulk of tourists. Greek is the official language but the majority of people speak English too.

Being a Mediterranean country, it has got a mild climate. There is sunshine almost all year round with mild, humid winters and hot, dry summers. It is a mainly mountainous country with Olympus being its highest mountain(2.918 meters)

The country is characterized by a rich and varied culture. It is located in the crossroads of East and West which has had an obvious effect on its traditions, customs, music and even traditional cuisine.

Useful info:

Time zone: GMT +2

Electrical supply/plugs: 220V/two pins round plugs.

Currency: Euro

Banks/ATMs: Easily available, apart from the very small, isolated villages. Credit/debit cards are accepted almost everywhere.

Signs: Normally in Greek as well as in the Latin alphabet.

Driving: Left-wheel drive.

Calling code: +30

Walking Grades:

We have graded our trips on a scale from 1 to 5, 1 being the least challenging and 5 the most challenging. It is really important that you pay attention to the grading so that the walking holiday of your choice best suits your level of experience and fitness.

1 rock 1-EASY

Generally suitable for everyone that enjoys hiking. Very small altitude change with a few short steep conditions. Relatively even terrain.



Suitable for people who have a basic fitness level. Medium altitude change with some steep sections and uneven terrain.

3 rocks 3-MODERATE


Generally suitable for hikers at a good fitness level. Significant change in altitude with several long, steep sections in rough terrain at times. Long enough distances covered.



A regular hiking experience is required for this level. Combination of significant ascent and long-distance frequently in rough terrain.

5 rock 5-STRENUOUS


High fitness level and excellent hiking conditions are required. Long distances and big ascent. In addition, many long steep sections and often very rough terrain.

Traveling Responsibly:

Self-guided hiking, like all outdoor activities, can entail dangers if not carried out wisely and cautiously. In trailducks safety is our primary concern, therefore we have taken every precaution so that you can be safe every step of the way. In the end, however, your overall safety during hiking depends, to a great extent, on you and using common sense. Each hiker knows his own limits and endurance and so he is the one who should neither overestimate his abilities nor underestimate the difficulties of nature and outdoor activity. The hiker is responsible for the way he reacts and behaves during hiking. In our trips, the walking routes follow official paths. Still, the trekker should be cautious at all times since sometimes a route, depending on the weather, could involve walking on wet, muddy or slippery terrain. In those cases there could be hidden traps in the path which the hiker must be ready to identify and avoid. On our part, we strongly advise you to follow the guidelines we have provided and remain strictly within the official paths. Walking responsibly means enjoying hiking and your holidays to the full without risk.



About Accommodation / About Luggage Transfer and Transfer Services / About Booking Process / About Travelling / During our Tours / About Participation / Other Information

About Accommodation

1-What kind of room am I going to stay in?

We choose traditional hostels or hospitable family-run hotels, three or more stars, so that accommodation reflects the philosophy of self-guided walking. Our goal is for the traveler to receive a warm welcome and live a fulfilling experience during which he can be initiated in the local way of life and customs, savor local tastes and feel the hospitality of the residents. As a rule, breakfast is included and accommodation is in twin bed rooms. All rooms have an en-suite bathroom with either a bath or a shower.

2- What is the difference between twin and double room?

About Transfer Services and Luggage transfer

1-What does full transfer service include?

The transfer services are included in the trip price and cover transfer to and from Athens and the hiking destination, as well as any other, stated in the trip program. The travelers are transported in private vehicles either by trailducks itself or collaborating transfer companies. For the island trips the transfer service for the travelers is from Athens to Rafina port and vice versa

2- What does luggage transfer service include?
3- How does luggage transfer service work?
About the Booking Process
1- How can I make a booking?
The simplest way to book is by completing the relevant form you can find on our site. Otherwise, you can contact us. Always remember that your reservation is valid only after you have received the confirmation e-mail from us.
2- How far in advance do I need to book?
3- How can I pay?
4- What about payment?
5- What about online payment?
6 - What is the cancellation policy?
7- What about changes to my reservation?
8- Can I transfer my deposit to another holiday?
9- What about extra nights?
About traveling
1- What about arrival/ departure from the country?

Arrival and departure are organized individually and are not included in our travel price. The easiest recommended way is for the visitor to travel by plane. In Athens, the "El. Venizelos" International Airport has flights to and from all major European and international destinations. Attention! Make sure you book your flights only after you have received the final confirmation from us in order to be sure of the arrival and departure dates.

2- What about travel documents?
3- What about insurance?
During our Tours
1- Do I need special equipment?

No, you do not need to have special technical equipment with you. In the information pack, you will receive from us, you will find a recommended kit list of the correct gear. And since the activities are outdoors, you must always be prepared for changing weather.

2- What types of meals are included?
3- Is it possible to add a rest day?
4- What is included in my trip?
5- What language is the hiking pack in?
6- What about tour material?
7- Can I have GPS support?
About participation
1-How fit do I need to be?

Our walking holidays have been designed for people of all ages and levels of fitness. Naturally, any walking holiday presupposes a reasonably good level of fitness. Each tour has been labeled with a grade of difficulty. Please consider our grading carefully so that you can make the right choice of the tour that suits your physical abilities. Should you have any doubt, you can contact our specialized staff who will help you find the most appropriate trip for you

2- What hiking experience should I have?
3- Can I participate as a solo traveler?
4 - What is a single supplement?
5- Is there a minimum age limit for kids?
6- Can I bring my dog?

Other Information

1- What is the difference between Easy, Moderate Challenging and Strenuous tour?

The difference between these tours is a combination of the type of terrain, the altitude, the ascent and the distance that you hike each day. For a more detailed description of how we grade our hiking trips click here.

2- Is there a discount for regular travelers?
3- What happens in case of emergency?

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